Cherry Blossoms in Bonn


When it’s about cherry blossoms, first destinations that come up in the minds are Japan and Washington DC, but the city of Bonn’s cherry blossoms are totally beating the competition these days.

Named among the ‘Places to See Before You Die’, Aldstadt (old district) of Bonn, Germany is covered with pink cherry blossoms for 20 days in spring. The trees were planted in 1984 and cherry blossoms are very sensitive to rain or cold.

French-inspired Old Town district is currently very popular with tourists and visitors so waiting for your turn for taking pictures might be a bit of challenge. Here are the photos that I managed to take this weekend in Bonn.



Why Visit Bonn:

Bonn is former capital of Germany and is also known by being the birthplace of the great composer Beethoven. The famous candy-maker Haribo has its headquarters in Bonn too. With its bakeries all around the city, café and bars on the streets of central area with many students, and a lot of greenery, it is a charming city lying on the romantic river Rhein.

Bonn is also a good base for day trips to Cologne or Dusseldorf by train or car. If you are planning a visit to Bonn, the carnival in February and cherry blossoms in April-May are not to be missed!




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  1. tagnoue says:

    Wow! Gorgeous.


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