About That Incredible Place

Life without traveling would be totally boring and meaningless. Once you open your eyes to the joy of traveling, it becomes an addiction.

I hear people giving up their careers and start traveling around the world, trying to find some volunteering jobs or survive with the money they saved while working for companies in those huge skyscrapers. I totally respect them, respect their courage, and the willingness to fight with the challenges they may face during their travels, the desire to see and discover new places, people, food and cultures without getting tired.

But not everyone is lucky enough to do this – if they need to fill their passport pages with visas, or if they don’t have a job where they can save enough to survive for a year or so. I suppose I am one of those people, and I need to keep on working to maintain a lifestyle and cover my visa costs 🙂 There is never an excuse for traveling though, even if it is for a weekend or a few days. So here are some of my initial tips about getting over your excuses to travel but you must already know these if you are reading this blog right now:

Try to book your flight tickets early, catch the campaigns airline and travel companies have been running, be a guru about the hotel websites so that you can compare prices. Read blogs to get inspiration, learn how to use social media to learn and develop yourself about the incredible places around the world.

Born between Europe and Middle East, I’ve been living in Doha for a couple of years now, and I get to travel at least once a month thanks to my job. Here in this blog called That Incredible Place, I will give some insider tips about incredible destinations, itineraries about places I’ve been to and some inspirational travel content for the like-minded people.

I would also love to hear your comments about my blog, so feel free to send an email to me by clicking this link.

Hope you enjoy and keep on traveling!

That Incredible Place (T.I.P.)