How to Get Compensation for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Have you ever had your holiday screwed up by a late or cancelled flight? If so, this post is for you!

It is horrible to have endless hours in the airport waiting for delayed or rescheduled flights. However, I have good news for those who travelled within/to Europe and experienced these; You can get up to 600 Euros from more than 100 airlines in 40 countries.

You can claim up to € 600 per passenger in case of;

  • Delayed Flight (3+ hours)
  • Cancelled Flight
  • Denied Boarding
  • Missed Connection

A passenger can receive from €250 to €600 for problems with flights operating:

  • within the EU/Turkey
  • leaving the EU/Turkey
  • arriving into EU/Turkey

However, Compensair does not compensate for extreme circumstances such as weather conditions and terrorism.

How does it work?

Compensair is one of the best performing flight claim company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. Their lawyers have years of experience and are informed to assess client legal position and create supportive arguments for claim. They have been helping passengers get their compensations from airlines since 2016.

If you had a delayed or cancelled flight in the last 6 years, all you need to do is to simply fill their form by clicking here.

Don’t worry! Submitting a claim takes 2 minutes, and is totally free of charge. Compensair will charge its 25% success fee only if you get your compensation.

What happens after submitting the claim?

If you are eligible, Compensair will handle all the paperwork, submit the claim and take care of all the further communication with the airline to settle your case.

So fill the form, sit back and relax until the compensation arrives to your bank account.

Click here now to submit your claim.